With Space-Booking we try to offer great deals on free periods between two solid bookings. Perhaps such a period fits perfectly in your planning or you are so flexible that you can make such a period „suitable“.

  • We are offering 15% discount on the rental of a villa if you completely occupy a period listed below.
  • We offer a 10% discount on the rental of a villa if you occupy a period listed below at least 2/3 of the available days.


The rules:


  • Find YOUR period in the listed offers.
  • Send us for this period a non-binding booking request.
  • Tell us in your message that you would like to have the rebate for „Space-Booking“.
  • We will send you a binding booking confirmation / lease agreement with the reduced price.
  • You return the signed booking confirmation no later than 3 days after you received it back to us.

Available periods

  • 2017 – May 03. – 20. (17 nights)

Available periods

  • 2017 – May 16. – 25. (9 nights)
  • 2017 – June 19. – July 11. (22 nights)