The idea and the objective of this website is:

  1. To provide a broad range of holiday homes / villas for rent to vacationers in an appealing and easy-to-use manner.
  2. To generate owners of exclusive houses in Cape Coral, who wish to offer their villas thru this professional sincere web site as vacation rentals.



Villa Cape CoralIn order to achieve this, we want to get in contact with people who actively play with the idea or definitely want to purchase property in Florida.

What we can offer in this context are our personal experiences in buying a house. We can discuss with you possible alternatives in the approach of buying a house and on request we can give you active support in the entire process to become a home owner. No cost involved and without obligation.

Especially for those of you who want to purchase property in the Sunshine State and use such property for rental purposes after purchase, a free no obligation discussion with us is in any case worthwhile your time – we promise!

Here are a few aspects that we would like to discuss with you. Two points that are often dismissed at an early stage as „not so important“ but play a major role in the process are shown in bold letters.

  • General procedures and important features of purchasing real estate in the U.S. As little or as much information as you like to determine a common basis for discussion.
  • Selection of a real estate agent – this issue dos not appear as important at first glance as it undoubtedly is, because one feature of the property market in the United States is, that every broker has access to all the sales in the region. Therefore it seems to be irrelevant with whom you work. But it is not!

Careful consideration has to be given to the interaction of real estate broker, property management and rental agency. We offer more information in a personal conversation.

  • Pool VillaSelection of suitable properties
  • Financing possibilities:
    • What general rules of financing are there?
    • What options and versions are available in your particular case?
    • With whom should you work together?
    • What must be considered in advance when you are seriously looking at homes?
  • Picking suitable houses and organizing viewing of real estate
  • Offer to the seller
  • Closing – here the property legally changes the owner
  • What happens next:
    • Interior decorating of the house
    • Interaction Property Management – owner (you) – agency (us)
    • Ongoing costs
    • Ways of optimizing

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Choose the way, which is right for you: phone, fax or contact form. We are looking forward to hear from you.