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We are therefore thankful for any pointer you give us concerning questions and answers that you are looking for but can not find at the moment. Please do not hesitate to inform us about any missing information or let us know your wishes or suggestions. To do so please use the contact form.

Booking Process

What we would like to address: With the transparent representation of availability and above all the possibility to reserve and book an exclusive villa on line, we go beyond the capabilities of many similar offers or portals. In addition to the attractive and detailed presentation of the objects we want to free you from the uncertainty of not knowing immediately whether your selected villa is available or not.

Also, you can find out immediately and binding the resulting costs of a villa for the requested booking period. You just have to provide the correct number and the correct age of all people traveling. This service is also not often found . You will like it. Check it out!

Questions for price calculation and booking request

Do I have to use the offered online booking process to book a villa with you?

Answer: No, you do not have to! If you have found your villa, you can ask for the villa in which ever way suits you best – by phone, by email or by fax. For this way of booking it is best if you use the menu item „Contact“. There you will find all the necessary information you need. If the villa you chose is available, we will send you the necessary documents and reserve the villa for 5 days, so you have plenty of time to send the signed booking confirmation back to us.

When is a booking formally binding?

Answer: A binding booking is made once we reveived your personally signed booking confirmation. Definitely not when you send your non-binding booking request.

How long do I have time to send back the booking confirmation to you?

Answer: You have 5 days. During these five days, the villa is reserved just for you and can not be booked by any other person. If you actually need a little more time write us a message or give us a call. Surely we can find a way to help you out.

I made a mistake in the booking request. The period is correct, but the number and/or the age of people traveling is not correct. What does this mean?

Answer: This is not a problem. Just overwrite the incorrect information on the booking confirmation you have received from us, sign it and send it back. Your booking request will be binding upon receipt on the basis of the corrected information. We correct your information in our system and we shall confirm your changed booking data again via email.

Questions about the cost of electricity and the deposit

Why is the cost of power consumption do not generally included in the rental price?

Answer: Electricity is additional expense, which among other things depends not only on the time of year when you book a villa, but also on the individual need. Some like it cool, some like it hot in a villa and/or in the pool. This can unfortunately not be predicted 100%. By reading the electricity meter during the house briefing upon arrival and then again by check out it is very easy and with little effort possible to determine the individual power consumption. If you prefer a real fixed price, we offer this via the option „Flat rate for electricity“.

What could be the expected cost of used electricity?

Answer: Here perhaps a well-intentioned note in advance: You are on vacation and have rented an amazing villa. Do not waste too many thoughts of the electricity that you may consume. A nice air-conditioned house and pool with an enjoyable water temperature is not luxury, but part of a wonderful vacation. Now in concrete terms: An accurate evaluation of a current utility account over a period of 3 years, for a villa which is designed for 6 people and has an average occupancy of 3 people, has yield an average price for electricity, which is around € 35.00 per week.

Flat rate for electricity - Yes or No?

Answer: Basically, it doesn`t really matter what you choose. One tenant loves the fixed price“, because surprises are not an option and chooses the flat rate. The other tenant expects to be able to save a few Euro or Dollar and selects the (standard) variant: A billing based on actual consumption. Usually the expected power consumption is slightly below the package. The purpose of a package is always to avoid any surprise by a slight „risc premium“.

Are there any tips how to keep the power consumption low through appropriate behavior?

Answer: Yes, there are. Your property manager on site will give you these tips. Basically there are only two really important rules! The First: When the air conditioner is turned on all windows and doors should be closed. Otherwise the system tries to reduce the external temperature of Cape Coral – which is not possible – and will only cost money plus is not good for the life of the air conditioner unit. The Second: If you know that you are gone for several days you can set the temperature of the house and the pool to sensible values. During this time period the pool must not be permanently electrically heated. However, the air conditioning of the villa can not be completely turned off, just turned up! Your property manager will assist you in the matter with good advice. A third measure that can save some money but does not come close to the first two mentioned points: In the winter months it can cool down at night pretty much. If you want to heat up the pool during the day to 30°C and you do not want to lose too much of the temperature overnight it makes sense to cover the pool with a pool cover. Your property management can tell you wether you got a pool cover or not. But again let’s face it: We’re talking about a couple of Euros and it is very understanding, if you don`t want to destroy the evening atmosphere by the lighted pool with an „ugly“ pool cover.

When will I get my deposit back?

Answer: When the „Check Out“ is done without any problems, what should be the rule, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days after your departure. If you have not chosen the „Flat rate for electricity“, the cost of the actual power consumption will be charged with the security deposit.

What happens if something got broken?

Answer: A Request – share things like this voluntarily with the property management at check out. Things can get broken and no one will tear your head of for it. We want you to feel comfortable all way around and we want to welcome you back. Give the owner the chance for future rentals to keep the house in good standing and to replace the missing things. Maybe you voluntarily agree to an amount „X“ which can be deducted from your deposit – most likely a broken glass or other small things are purchased without a great deal by the owner. This is the standard practice, but does not waver the accepted terms of use.